How to propagate a Monstera. It's easy!

How to propagate a Monstera. It's easy!

Once you have a Monstera and know how to treat it well, it is time to make more plants. In this blog, we tell you everything there is to know to propagate your Monstera Deliciosa. And that's not much because it's super easy to do!

Let's go!

This is a sub-article of our Ultimate Monstera Guide, click here to learn everything else about Monsteras.

1. How to propagate a Monstera from cuttings.

Take a cutting from the mother plant by cutting off a leaf just below the aerial root. You can do this all year but it works best during the growing season. Then place this cutting in water until new roots emerge from the aerial root or stem You can also cut without air the root but then it takes a little longer and the chance of success is less. If there are enough roots you can plant the cutting in soil. However, you can also leave it in water for a long time. Change the water from time to time and add a drop of food now and then.

How to propagate a Monstera
Monstera Delicosa cutting with developed roots, ready to plant! - Hemelryck

2. How to propagate a Monstera from seed.

You can also grow a Monstera from seed. If you are lucky and you have a flowering Monstera, wait for the fruit to ripen and use the seed from the flower. If not buy it from a store. Seed from a Monstera is quite easy to get, but it doesn't have a long shelf life: the sooner you plant it, the better.

First, allow the seeds to soak 12 hours in lukewarm water. The seeds should swell a bit. Then plant the seed in a little soil and keep the soil moist. It helps if you do this in a warm room, but you don't need much light so don't put it in direct sunlight. A juvenile Monstera first starts growing to the darkness anyway. After 10 days to three weeks, a small sapling will emerge from the soil. It will take quite a while before it gets the typical fenestrated leaves!.

Monstera sapling, three weeks after planting - Baetanical

Did you grow your own Monstera? Let us know how it went!
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