MOVING OUR ATELIER | As of Monday 07/01, we are moving our atelier to the social workplace 'MIVAS' in Lier so your orders will be shipped as of Tuesday 15/01. Sorry for the delay!

Unique Pieces For Your Home

Designed and handcrafted from our home and atelier. Combine our interior products with some nature and create the perfect urban jungle feeling right at your home.

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One Product = One Tree

About House Raccoon

We are Anneleen and Nathan, a young couple who decided that we love interior design so much that we had to start our own label. We also love nature a lot but we had trouble starting nature as it already existed. Therefore, we try to combine our two passions.
Since October 2017, we are designing and handcrafting interior design products inspired by nature. We hope you love our designs as much as we love making them and invite you to take a look at our shopping pages!

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Everything there is to know about giving House Raccoon as a gift. Nothing there is to know about art. Also nothing there is to know about way to cute squirrels.

As a business owner you like to treat your business well. What about treating it well with unique, ecological and handmade House Raccoon pieces?

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Our Points of Sale

In these digital times, it’s fun to get in contact with each other in real life. It’s also fun to get in contact with our products in real life. Sounds like fun? Go to our awesome points of sale and live your heart out!

We plant one tree per product sold to help fight deforestation around the world. Read here more about this crazy project.

Follow all our crazy and gaga adventures and discover how we started our own label from scratch!

Want some inspiration for your lovely House Raccoon product before buying it? No worries, no issue, we’ve got you covered!

If you are not inspired by our story and our products so far, you might never be. Heck, you might not even be inspired at all. Maybe you are living in the matrix and that’s why you don’t feel any emotions? To give it a last shot, we did our best to find the most inspiring quote ever. You probably already read it because it is way bigger than this typography. We cleverly did that to stress the inspirational quality of it. Classic!

“Money doesn't bring happiness. That's why I went shopping to get rid of all of it.”

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10% OFF

Hi there! We are Anneleen & Nathan and we make beautiful concrete interior design products. Because our handcrafted objects need a home and every home definitely takes advantage of some handcrafted objects, we are happy to offer you a friends discount (10%) on your first order with House Raccoon. If you’d rather have our 50% BFF’s discount, than we would have to disappoint you because at the moment, we don’t have one. And with that we mean a BFF’s discount, we do have BFF’s! Enjoy!