Plant store - the 5 best plant stores in Belgium.

Plant store - the 5 best plant stores in Belgium.

Are you searching for the best plant store to buy your plants? You are lucky because you are in the right place! We discuss five exceptional plant stores (in random order, best to visit them all!) in Belgium you should certainly visit.

Little Green Stories - Ghent

Plant Store - Little Green Stories

Ironically, a lot of plant stores don't have that many plants. That is not the case for Little Green Stories in Ghent! She has one of the 'Urban Jungliest' stores we ever entered because there is just so much to see in their small boutique. The owner Nele also really cares about her plants and will be able to give you the latest tips for your plant care. Be sure to check the poster she personally made about plant care that hangs behind her cash register!

Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat 82 - 9000 Gent, Open every day from 10h-18h except for Sunday and Monday.

Plant Store - Little Green Stories

Jangala Plant Shop - Liège

Plant store - Jangala

Jangala is located right in the historic center of Liège in one of the city's oldest streets and is exactly where the French word 'magnifique' should be used for. Jangala is among the largest house plant specialist stores in Belgium and surely has something for everyone. From your Monstera to your favorite Terracotta or designer pot, you'll find what you need!

En Neuvice 28, 4000 Liège, open every day from 10h30-18h except Sunday from 11h-15h and closed on Monday.

Plant Store - Jangala

The Plant Corner - Antwerp

As soon as you see the beautiful facade, you know that The Plant Corner is not just any plant store. It is a little out of the city center of Antwerp but o boy, it is a place with a soul. This store is famous for its air plants and tropical plants. It is owned by loving couple Sophie (interior decorator) and Yannick and houses pottery from a wide range of Belgian designers as well as affordable Terracotta.

Isabellalei 144 - Antwerp, open everyday from 10h-18h except Sunday and Monday.

The Plant Corner

Agave Boutique - Brussels

Agave Boutique

Plants give a lot of character to a room, and when that room happens to be with beautiful thick & old parquet, you can do nothing else than fall in love with the place. Agave Boutique just breaths Urban Jungle and if living there was an option, we would certainly apply. They organize plant & terrarium workshops nearly every week so if you are interested, be sure to check it out!

Rue de Dublin 15 - Elsene, open every day from 11h-18h30 except for Sunday and Monday.

Agave Boutique

Gruun Plant Store - Brussels


Plants and coffee! Could it get any better? Didn't think so! Lore created Gruun intending to bring more green to the capital, and she certainly succeeded. Her shop lies next to a small square which gives a lot of character to the plant store and light to the facade. We particularly love the rugged brick wall and the fact that she does a lot of workshops to help you with your house plant care!

Oud Korenhuis 36, 1000 Brussel, open every day from 10h-19h, Tuesday from 13h-19h, Saturday & Sunday from 11h-18h, closed on Monday.


Leave a reply if you know another beautiful plant store that should absolutely be in this list!
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