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PEOPLE to our hearts!

At House Raccoon, we are strongly committed to the local and global society.  We believe in entrepreneurship  not only to make our own world better and more enjoyable but also for people/living things in general. We do this with our initiative in with which we plant one tree per product with Bos+.  But also, when we couldn’t follow our own production anymore, it was super logic to search for a social partner on the production side.

The social workplace Mivas was the perfect match. Just like us, at Mivas they believe in people. People who would normally get the label ‘handicapped’ or ‘with a limitation’ and in society not always get the chances they deserve. Together with Mivas, we look at the beautiful side of each person, we choose 100% for the label ‘talented’ and we strive to make everyone a real artist who, each with their own input, stands at the cradle of 100% Belgian design!

Very concrete, this means that all our products are made ánd packed by the wonderful people at Mivas. From really easy things like sticking the protective bumper pads to the bottom of our products, up to the real craftmanship of pouring and shaping our concrete products and up to the real heroism of cleaning out all our moulds every day (to be 100% honest, they do have weekends). This way you not only know that our moulds are always in excellent clean condition but also  that the piece of design you bought at House Raccoon made your world both greener and more social. And unless you hate the colour green or are antisocial, we are sure that the story of how every House Raccoon product was made makes both your smile go a little wider, your heart go a little warmer and your pupils go a little wider every time you look at your unique house Raccoon piece!

If you want to find out more about the amazing social workplace Mivas, don’t hesitate to take a look at their website:

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10% OFF

Hi there! We are Anneleen & Nathan and we make beautiful concrete interior design products. Because our handcrafted objects need a home and every home definitely takes advantage of some handcrafted objects, we are happy to offer you a friends discount (10%) on your first order with House Raccoon. If you’d rather have our 50% BFF’s discount, than we would have to disappoint you because at the moment, we don’t have one. And with that we mean a BFF’s discount, we do have BFF’s! Enjoy!