Our Tree Projects.

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Ghana Project

Since the early 1990s, Ghana has lost more than 30% of its forests. With OneTreePlanted we planted 500 trees to restore degraded land (1% of a local action to plant 50000 trees). The result is new strong and healthy vegetation which allows for new sustainable economic development for the local community, protection from flooding and a positive impact on the micro and macro climate overall.

Ethiopia Project

The northern part of Ethiopia has not a lot of rich vegetation left. As a result, the dessert presses south and there is a growing shortage of food and water. With Bos+, we planted 4500 trees in the summer of 2018 to restore 18ha of vegetation (11,25% of a project with 40000 trees for a total of 200ha). The result: new economic activities (honey, sustainable tree harvesting), erosion control, more water containment and tempering of the climate. And of course an enormous positive social impact for the local population. Read more info about this project here.

Trees For the Future

With Trees For The Future we add another tree partner to our list. Unique to their approach is that the trees will be part of regenerative agriculture (= permaculture) Forest Garden projects. The trees will allow farmers to increase their income ten times by making the dessert fertile again. This leads to more education for children and a positive impact on women empowerment. We already donated funds for planting 10.000 trees with this amazing non-profit organization. The next project which we will help funding is in Kaffrine, Senegal. It’s a project for planting 2 million trees. The first trees in this project were planted in August 2018, the final trees will be planted in March 2022. The total project will take up around 8 million tons of C02 in the first 100 year and will provide an enormous amount of African families with more fertile soil, better food, better income, education and lots more. Check here also their latest impact report.

5.000.000 Trees Project

In 2019, we will continue planting trees in tropical regions because the impact in these countries is higher on all sides. Trees grow faster in warmer environments, capturing more greenhouse gases (up to 4 times more!). Trees have a larger economic impact on the local community. And the change in vegetation due to new planted trees is just spectacular. We will do this together with the American organisation Trees for the Future as they work to end hunger and poverty ánd help communities around the world plant enormous numbers of trees.

On June 27 we will start a donation campaign to plant even more trees. The goal is to plant 5.000.000 trees. These trees will provide food for more than 100.000 people and will have the same impact as taking 10.000.000 cars off the road for one year!

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