Katrijn Roels - Studio Artist
Ollie & Alfie Penguins

Clémence van den Haute

Clémence van den Haute is an upcoming Belgian design talent and has been working since 2020 as internal lead designer at House Raccoon. Her designs are sparkling, fresh and minimalistic. With a hint of the beautiful Scandinavian scenery and conscious lifestyle, objects by Clémence draw the attention in a very remarkable but calm way. Exactly how we like it!

Click here to find our more about Clémence her function within House Raccoon!

Clémence designed following products for House Raccoon: Ollie & Alfie penguins, Lily & June propagations vases, Nora vase, Emma planter, Mila planter, Bobby card holder medium & large, Harry candle holder, Oliver tealight holder, Christmas trees (set of 3), Terrazzo earrings, Chessboard.

Ollie & Alfie Penguins
Lily & June Propagation Vases
Nora Vase
Emma Planters
Mila Planters
Bobby Card Holders
Harry Candle Holders
Oliver Tealight Holders
Christmas Trees (set of 3)
Terrazzo Earring DIY kit 1
Terrazzo Earring DIY kit 2
Fritz Snowman
Katie Christmas Ornaments
Katie Christmas Ornaments
Design Tree Collectibles
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