Eén Product is Eén Boom.

Ja, dat klopt! Voor elk product (!) dat je bij ons koopt, planten we één boom om de herbossingen over de hele wereld te ondersteunen. Is dat niet geweldig?! Naast ons ‘1 product, 1 boom’ project, doen we ook andere boomprojecten om zoveel mogelijk bomen te planten. Klik op de knop hieronder om al onze vorige / huidige boomprojecten te bekijken en om te zien waar al deze bomen zijn/zullen worden geplant!

Hoe doen we het?

Luckily, we don’t have to plant every tree ourselves. It wouldn’t go that well. We are interior experts, not tree experts. So we work together with tree experts to fix that problem. After working together with the American organisation OneTreePlanted and the Belgian organisation Bos+, we found our perfect tree planting partner ‘Trees for the Future’. It is an American organisation founded in 1989 that helps communities around the world plant trees and end hunger and poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Practically, we save up a particular amount of money and donate that batch of money directly to the nonprofit organisation. From an administrative perspective, it would just be too big of a hassle to literally pay the organisation every time we sell a product. So in practice, when you buy a product, it could be that we will pay for it the next day or it could be that we will pay for the tree a couple months later. In any case, you can be a 100% sure that we will pay for the tree! The bigger we get, the more tracking systems we can install (they are super expensive) so that you don’t have to wait to the moment we pay to be sure the tree(s) will be really planted 😉

Waarom doen we het?

Because we want to overcompensate our production pollution. And of course, besides overcompensating by planting trees, we also try to work as as environmentally friendly as possible in all aspects of our business. For example by sourcing and producing (almost) everything locally, by banning plastic in all our packagings, by reusing as many materials as possible in our production process, etc. So that we not only did ‘not wrong’, but so that we also did right. Every 1.4 second, a football field of trees is destroyed. If everyone does something small, we can change the tide!!

Wat moet ik doen?

Nothing! By buying our products, you already planted trees! If you are really interested in our projects, you can subscribe here to start receiving pictures/updates from the trees we planted with your help. You can of course also always Contacteer ons with every question you might have. We want to be a 100% transparent about everything wo do, so really ask us anything what’s on your mind! We are very very grateful to everyone who really cares. 💚

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