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The tree of your product will be planted in Kaffrine, Senegal is a project with 2 million trees. The first trees were planted in August 2018, the final trees will be planted in March 2022. The total project will take up around 8 million tons of C02 in the first 100 year and will provide an enormous amount of African families with more fertile soil, better food, better income and education and lots more.



One of the things we are really proud about at House Raccoon is the fact that we make all our products by hand in Antwerp, Belgium, without exception. Every product we create, starts from a simple idea or some hand drawn sketches. We then develop 3D models and molding tools. In the third step we pour the highest quality molds with carefully selected silicones. Then, we hand cast beautiful products from these molds. And finally, the most exciting part, we ship all our products to our wonderful customers all over the world. Because every step is developed and executed in-house, we know our products in and out. How unique is that? 😍

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