Thank you for your registration! Here are three random House Raccoon facts to pass the time while we check your account:

1 – We (Anneleen & Nathan) were both born in 1993 (one week apart in the same hospital), met in high school and went to university together where we took not exactly 217 super hard tests to really be sure we actually wanted to do something else and start House Raccoon!

2 – We don’t really have a raccoon living in our house. We have Oscar instead. Oscar is a cat. Though, we don’t know for sure if he knows that. We also don’t have a house, we live in an apartment (which is located in a house however). The apartment definitely doesn’t know it is not a house. So it could have been “Apartment Cat” but that didn’t sound so nice.

3 – Anneleen likes pillows. So we started making them at the very beginning. Then, Nathan loved stony things better. So we stopped making pillows and are now making high-quality gypsum composite products. We both love pizza so we did not start a pizza restaurant but we do eat a lot of pizza to compensate that.

We hope you enjoyed these three random facts. If you still have time to pass, you can also take a look at our terms and conditions (funny version): If after this, you still have too much time, you can also count to 1.000.000 very quickly or to 1 very slowly.

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