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Terms & Conditions

Just like we have awesome products, we have awesome terms & conditions. If you are addicted to long legal documents, head over to our more detailed legal version. If you prefer readability and fun, then grab some pillows, put a drink on our coasters and cozy up for some interesting reading! Ready? Let’s go!


Here it is, all information for you about us. Clear and compact, unless you don’t see well, in which case we recommend a new pair of glasses. We don’t sell glasses, it is a pity!

  • Company: House Raccoon

Contact us here (ordered fast to slow) for all your info and complaints or if you just want to talk about pots, plants or anything else:

  • Number: +32 499631925 – Very personal. (9-21h, each day)
  • Website Chat: The Copper Button right below – Takes you right to us.
  • Facebook Chat: – No chatbots, guaranteed.
  • Mail: – Lots of info.
  • Address: Moederhoefstraat 244 bus 2R, 2547 Lint, Belgium – Our super official mailbox.



We design and manufacture thoughtful interior products. Just for you. But also for your friend. Go get a friend, he deserves our products!


By using the site, you  accept our terms of conditions.  If you don’t use the site, this text is not relevant, but what are you even doing here then? It is like an impossible loop!


We all need time to enjoy your home, that’s why we have invented internet right? Or maybe it was because of international scientific collaboration, can’t remember which of the two it was. Anyway, you can order all our products right from your homestead. We have a super secure connection (https) and you will find all product info on the product pages. Because calling us for every product would be quite the hassle. We can but mostly will not refuse your order if you are younger than 18.

In case of events beyond our control, we will continue the order as soon as the events are gone. Events beyond our control will probably also be events beyond your control. Please be patient. Your karma will mess up if you try to control things beyond your control.

Finally, as a webshop only works very well when products have been reviewed and as we like to have a webshop that works good, you automatically consent to receive an invitation to review your order (& reminders) the moment when you place an order.


If you have money, we accept it. If you have no money, we also accept it, but you should find a pal who can pay for you then. Sometimes, you don’t even need a pal, because we respect not having pals and do the occasional contest where friendless and moneyless people can win stuff for free. Although you can also join contests if you have money or friends or both. Isn’t that amazing?

In case we don’t give it away for free, payment  can happen through PayPal, Bancontact, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Ideal and Sofort banking. We don’t accept gold or diamonds, unless it is a really big amount, then we can’t refuse it of course. Please be careful when sending gold to us.

The moment we have received your payment, we have an agreement to send the products to you. Exciting right! You will also receive an invoice by mail. Don’t despair if you are an unorganized email individual, there are worse characteristics to have. Like being candy addicted, it is really not that healthy. You can always find your past order information and order status in your account.


We love shipping stuff. Bpost and DPD also love shipping stuff. Because we call that a good match, we have partnered with them to securely transport our products. Expect your products to be delivered within 2 (BE/NL) to 6 days (EU). Unfortunately, they didn’t invent teleportation yet so it costs a little money, but when you order more than 50 euro we think you are House Raccoon lover enough to get free shipping. Fist bump! When our products are not in stock, we have to make them first. Shipping time can then be delayed with 1-10 days.

Did we already say you can follow your products every single step of the way? It is called track & trace and it is amazing! So stop checking your street for a delivery truck every 5 minutes but start using track & trace every 5 seconds. Modern times, aren’t they wonderful?


You don’t choose our products, the products choose you! Whenever your interior design object is not completely satisfied with you and feels like there should be a more optimal owner for him in the world, don’t hesitate to send the thankless fellow back. We accept retours up to 14 days from the day you received the product, no questions asked! Your prior invoice will be paid back minus retour costs after getting back the products in original store state. Make sure to send the retour the right way and not to some other random address, we will probably not find it then. Therefore you must always use our retour system!


We really are passionate about quality! Did we already say our pillows are unbreakable? When rarely, the quality is not what it should be, you should contact us with some pictures of the issue. Clear smartphone photos suffice, you don’t need to hire a professional photographer. If your claim is approved (we follow EU law) we will pay back your money or send the same product to you when in stock. You have two year after buying to do this, so buy your products now to start enjoying your warranty! You wouldn’t want to miss out on some great warranty, it feels so secure!


All of the awesome logo’s, images and texts on our site are protected by copyright. Please make your own logo if you want one!

The long and legal version. For those who ralither like to have all details,long sentences and difficult words. Welcome to (further “the site”).


  • Product: Anything House Raccoon offers on the site to deliver upon payment of the appropriate amount by a buyer.
  • Customer: Anyone who buys products on the site.
  • Order: The contract between House Raccoon and a buyer whenever a buyer has expressed the request to deliver one or more products from the site by having completed the required payment for that product.
  • Affiliate: An user who leads first time buyers to the site through his assigned affiliate link and is eligible for compensation for that.


Art 1. Business Identity & Communication

This site is property from and maintained by:

  • House Raccoon – Sole Proprietorship
  • VAT number: BE0689984952

All communication with and complaints to House Raccoon should happen through the address, mail, telephone number or facebook chat provided below. Any communication outside of these channels may not be picked up by House Raccoon.


Art 2. Activities

House Raccoon is a company under Belgian and European law, delivering high quality interior products to its customers

Art 3. Relevance

By accessing the site, making an account or ordering services, you agree upon the Terms of Service and agree that you are of legal age and that you can accept contracts. If you don’t meet the requirements described in this document or don’t accept the Terms of Service, you must not access the site. These Terms of Services are subject to change.

 Art 4. Orders

After payment, House Raccoon commits itself to deliver the order in an appropriate and timely (infra art 5) fashion. In case of events beyond our control such as strikes, emergency weather and governmental decisions , we will inform the customer on which he can cancel the order.  If the order was not canceled, we will continue the order as soon as the events are gone or the situation has normalized.

Every customer automatically consents to receive an invitation to review his/her order (& reminders) the moment when he/she places an order.

Art 5. Payment

Payment should happen during checkout on the site with one of the following payment methods, all payment provider costs are beared by House Raccoon. Payments are only accepted in the Euro currency. Valuta conversion costs are beared by the customer. Payment costs and methods are subject to change.

Payment MethodCost For Customer
Bancontact & Mister CashFree
Mastercard & MaestroFree
Sofort BankingFree
Belfius Direct NetFree


Art 6. Shipping & Delivery

All products are shipped by Bpost or DPD. The customer can follow his order through track & trace of the applicable shipping company. House Raccoon is not responsible for the correctness of the track & trace information. In case the shipment is damaged or lost during transportation, House Raccoon will resend or payback the order upon proof of the shipment damage or loss.

The following shipping rates are applicable as specified in the checkout process. Shipment Delivery times are only indicative. Whenever delivery takes more than 30 days, the customer is eligible for cancelation of his order.

Shipping toEstimated DeliveryShipping FeeFree Shipping
The Netherlands
<3 working days€ 5,50from € 50
<5 working days€ 10from € 75
Rest of Europe<6 working days€20From €150

Art 7. Retour

The customer can retour a product within 14 days after having received the shipment containing the product. The delivery date in the track & trace information of the shipping company is taken as reference. House Raccoon will refund the order invoice for the retoured products minus retour costs as described below as soon as we have the product back.

Whenever the returned product(s) are not longer in store condition, House Raccoon has the right to reduce the paid back amount with a fair amount. The fair amount is based on the difference between the sales price and the rest value of the product if it would be sold in its retoured condition. In case of the ‘contact us’ value, customers should contact House Raccoon before returning in order to agree on a retour shipping method and costs. The customer can follow his retour through track & trace except for rows with the ‘contact us’ value. House Raccoon is never responsible for lost or damaged retours.

Retour fromRetour Costs
 Belgium€ 4,55
 Netherlands€ 9
 Germany€ 14,10
 LuxembourgContact Us
 France€ 15,50
 UKContact Us


Art 8. Warranty

Customers can count on 2 years warranty (EU Law), counting from the invoice date, on all products bought from House Raccoon. Warranty is applicable to all manufacturing defects. Defects due to the abnormal use, as defined by common sense and further expanded by product information included on the site or in the shipment by means of a manual or product label, will not be eligible for warranty.

When a customer thinks he has a case of warranty he should send pictures of the defect to House Raccoon through the official facebook page chat of House Raccoon. When a manufacturing defect is ascertained, House Raccoon will allow returning the product. The customer is responsible for shipping the product to the official House Raccoon address. After the applicable product is successfully returned to House Raccoon, the product will be resend or refunded whenever the product is no longer in stock.

Art 9. Copyright

Everything on the site including but not exclusively logos, images, product designs and texts are protected by international copyright. Any use of these protected artefacts, without the explicit and written permission of House Raccoon are strongly forbidden.

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Hi there! We are Anneleen & Nathan and we make beautiful concrete interior design products. Because our handcrafted objects need a home and every home definitely takes advantage of some handcrafted objects, we are happy to offer you a friends discount (10%) on your first order with House Raccoon. If you’d rather have our 50% BFF’s discount, than we would have to disappoint you because at the moment, we don’t have one. And with that we mean a BFF’s discount, we do have BFF’s! Enjoy!