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The Campaign Will Run From June 27 Until August 31

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Planting 5 million trees

The main goal of the campaign to plant 5.000.000 trees is:
Awareness: Making people aware that small actions are of great importance. People should start to believe in the incredible value of their own small actions.
Action: Just raising awareness is not nearly enough. Since small actions really are necessary, it is also important to be sure to implement them. That is why we created a donation campaign. With € 1, you can plant 10 trees so every little action is already a heroic act in itself.

We are therefore looking for you to create an incredible heartwarming viral post with us that will spread this message all over the world as of June 27. The goal? Raising at least € 500.000 (= 5 million trees!) in only two months to make a statement and save the climate. We are raising this money directly for the wonderful American non-profit organisation ‘Trees for the Future‘.

Already [numberoftrees] trees planted!

Donate Now

How Can I Help?

There are two things you can do.
1 => Share your pinky on Instagram and/or Facebook.
2 => Donate.

1. Share your pinky on Instagram/Facebook as of June 27


As of June 27, share your pinky on Instagram and/or Facebook. The pinky acts as a symbol for a small action with great effects like donating €1 for 10 trees. It is preferable to share your pinky on June 27 itself but you can of course share it within the next 2 months and (re)sharing several times is super kind!

Below are examples of a ‘pinky picture’. There don’t have to be trees in the background of course, just make sure people can see your pinky! 😉
If you don’t want to make your own picture, feel free to use ours! Download them here.

Example 1: #onepinkyonetree
Example 1: #onepinkyonetree
Example 2: #onepinkyonetree
Example 2: #onepinkyonetree
Example 3: #onepinkyonetree
Example 3: #onepinkyonetree
Example 4: #onepinkyonetree
Example 4: #onepinkyonetree
Example 5: #onepinkyonetree
Example 5: #onepinkyonetree
Example 6: #onepinkyonetree
Example 6: #onepinkyonetree
Example 7: #onepinkyonetree
Example 7: #onepinkyonetree
Example 8: #onepinkyonetree
Example 8: #onepinkyonetree
Example 9: #onepinkyonetree
Example 9: #onepinkyonetree
Example 10: #onepinkyonetree
Example 10: #onepinkyonetree


In the caption, you just should encourage as many people as possible to also share their pinky on social media AND to donate.
This way, the message can go viral and hopefully the necessary € 500.000 will be raised soon enough (within 2 months) to plant 5 million trees!
Don’t forget to mention the hashtag and donation link.

Hashtag: #onepinkyonetree
Donation link

We don’t want to oblige you of course, but it would mean the world to us if you would tag us in your message.
Use @houseraccoon for Instagram and/or @HouseRaccoonInterior for Facebook.

2. Donate for 5 million trees

Donate just a humble € 1 (= 10 trees!) and become part of a wonderful community of people who are really taking action fighting the climate and saving lives.

Donate Now

Some Last Important Remarks

* Make sure you think about (re)sharing your pinky between June 27 and August 31.
* Make sure to include to donation link in the caption:
* Make sure to share your pinky using #onepinkyonetree
* Tagging House Raccoon in your post would mean the world to us!

The post we will share ourselves:

If you don’t want to create your own post, feel free to just share ours on Instagram/Facebook!
Copy our text below and download a picture here.

Example 1: #onepinkyonetree
Example 7: #onepinkyonetree
Example 2: #onepinkyonetree
Example 3: #onepinkyonetree
Example 4: #onepinkyonetree
Example 6: #onepinkyonetree

#onepinkyonetree – Share your pinky to plant 5 million trees!

Do you also love our planet and its nature? And do you also think AWARENESS is important but ACTIONS are necessary? Great! So, let’s combine them and let’s raise €500.000 in only 2 months to plant 5 million trees!

We teamed up with the nonprofit @treesforthefuture to raise €500.000 for planting trees in Africa where they are needed the most. Did you know that you can already plant 10 trees with only a humble €1? So, if we all together reach this wonderful goal by donating just €1, 5 million trees would be planted guys! Imagine that!

We often look at others, at companies and at governments to solve problems. The truth is, we all must be the change we want to see in the world ourselves. Be your own change. If everyone stays indifferent, nothing changes. If all people believe in the incredible value of their small action, small actions add up to something iconic. Hell, even every small action is iconic.

There’re 2 things you can do to help!
1. Create a small but great action by donating only €1. Link: (link in bio)
2. Share your pinky on Instagram and/or Facebook. In the caption, encourage people to also donate €1 and share their pinky themselves. Don’t forget to mention the donation link ‘‘ (link in bio) and #onepinkyonetree . Tagging us is very, very kind.

The more people participate, the greater the reach and the greater the chance that 5 million trees will be planted! So, encourage ALL your friends, family & followers to donate and to share their pinky to be sure we all together will reach this beautiful goal!

We can do this, folks!!! Be your own change. Be iconic.

Love, Anneleen & Nathan

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