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Our Scent diffusers

Handmade – Reusable – Tree Planting

With Amava we created a unique scent diffuser system and after months of development it is finally ready for you*. On the outside, you look at an elegant outer shell from high quality hand cast stone. Available in bright marble color, rustic red and millennial pink, it makes all classic plastic and mass-market glass scent diffusers pretty boring. Handmade in Belgium, this form shows the unique character small-scale craftsmanship brings to the product. Perfect imperfection! On the inside we developed a smart system with easily-replaceable*** fragrance-filled tubes. 

* Figure of speech. It is not literally only available for you. We have made sure we can make more than one. So it is also ready for your mother or your friend or your crush or  your favorite actor** or whatever. Live your heart out!
** Disclaimer: your favorite actor might not reply when you send him a House Raccoon scent diffuser. How inappropriate! It’s not every day you receive a House Raccoon reed diffuser!

Once the included 5-week tube is empty, you can simply choose a new scent from our nature-inspired collection and continue enjoying your scent diffuser. You can also repurpose as a vase for flowers or anything else you see fit.  True reusability is at the heart of our collection. On top of this, we made sure Amava comes in a beautiful premium gift package which makes it perfect for any occasion requiring a gift. Amava is also an amazing gift to nature, as like always, we plant one tree for every sold scent diffuser to help Mother Earth a bit.

*** Like really really easy. Even your 90 year old grand-mother could do it. Go give her a House Raccoon scent diffuser, she deserves it!

To start enjoying your fragrance, simply arrange the natural reeds in the elegant fragrance-filled bottle. In general, the more reeds you add, the stronger the scent will be. Using 4-6 reeds is very usual. Using 46 reeds is just plain stupid. If you would prefer a more intense perfume experience, the sticks can be turned around from time to time to suit your preference. Keep in mind to always use gloves or a paper towel to protect your skin when handling used reeds. Will last for about 1 month to 5 weeks.

Reeds: whenever you continue using the same scent, adding new reeds is not strictly necessary but over time, evaporation will slow down or the reeds could possibly clog (as they are quite thin). Therefore, we advice to change the reeds (4-6) every 3 weeks for ideal scent evaporation. The more reeds you add, the stronger the scent. When you use another scent than the previous one, new reeds are required.

Why? As we unfortunately also need to live in order to make these products and therefore need some money to survive. What? At only 26,50 euro (9,50 for the refills) our handmade scent diffuser/vase is yours. Get yours now!*

You know you want it. And you know you deserve it. What could you have done not deserving it? Eating all the cookies years ago while your mom said you could only have one, hardly counts. Just press the button and say yes to instant happiness!

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Hi there! We are Anneleen & Nathan and we make beautiful concrete interior design products. Because our handcrafted objects need a home and every home definitely takes advantage of some handcrafted objects, we are happy to offer you a friends discount (10%) on your first order with House Raccoon. If you’d rather have our 50% BFF’s discount, than we would have to disappoint you because at the moment, we don’t have one. And with that we mean a BFF’s discount, we do have BFF’s! Enjoy!