Workshop – Make Your Own Terrazzo Coasters @Deba Meubelen (Sint-Niklaas) 24/10/2020


Create your very own pair of design terrazzo coasters in our unique and creative workshop! The workshop will take place at Deba Meubelen in Sint-Niklaas.

Searching for an original and fun workshop? And do you love some great design piece now and then? Check, you lucky bastard! Register for our workshop ‘Make Your Own Terrazzo Coasters’ and discover how you can make your own gorgeous pair of terrazzo coasters made from gypsum composite material.

You will learn how to make your own pair of design terrazzo coasters. What makes it so special is that you get to experiment with lots of colors so you’ll end up with very unique coasters completely tailored to your own taste! During the workshop, you can ask us all your questions and of course, you will also be provided with delicious snacks and drinks. The workshop takes place at Deba Meubelen in Sint-Niklaas. It is allowed to spill and mess, so even clumsy people can participate without any worry!

You can of course take home your own design pieces afterwards and brag against all your friends.

– Price: € 69 per person
– Saturday, 24/10/2020
– From 14:00 to 17:00
– Location: Deba Meubelen | Lokerse Baan 10, 9111 Sint-Niklaas
– Language: Dutch

Spaces are limited so be there or be square 🟩😍

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