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DALBANE (set of 4)


šŸ– Handcrafted in Belgium
šŸŒ Socially responsible
šŸŒ³ Supporting reforestation with every product sold

Dalbane is a high-quality object, carefully designed and handcrafted by us in our atelier. Dalbane can be used as a coaster for your drinks, as a display for our other products or for any other object/plant (e.g. an airplant) you see fit. This item is sold as a set of 4. The purchase of one Dalbane set includes the planting of one tree.

Due to its handcrafted character, each object is completely unique and differs slightly from the shown pictures. To preserve the natural character,Ā DalbaneĀ is sealed with 100 % natural waxes. Wipe off any spill on the concrete immediately to avoid stains.

ClickĀ hereĀ to view the size of this product against a ballpoint pen.


Is there a difference between concrete, terrazzo & jesmonite? Oh yes, there is!

Concrete (high-quality)
The standardĀ mix of sand, cement, water and some other secret ingredientsĀ which turns into the beautiful liquid stone
from which most of our products were made so far. Also the material from which your home was probably build.

Terrazzo (high-end)
Concrete mixed with larger natural stone chips to createĀ beautiful natural surfaces. Because objects made from terrazzo
have to beĀ sanded and sealed multiple times, they have a more high-end look and feel. Probably not the material
from which your home was built unless you have a rather expensive taste.

Jesmonite (exclusive)
An out-of-the-ordinary and versatile stone-like material which was previouslyĀ used a lot for film set design
and replication of classical ornaments. We imported Jesmonite from the UK to allow forĀ the creation of
even softer, thinner, more water, UV resistant and beautifully colored objects.
Products made from Jesmonite are the best we currently have and will make your even hardest customer smile.
(It is also a plus that we are -as far as we know- the only or one of the few companies bringing this exclusive material
in this form on the market in the Benelux.) Also probably not the material from which you home was built unless you live on a film set!

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This is a natural product. While 100% leakproof, shades might change when exposed to sun and water. Don\'t use for food.

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