Dalbane (Set of 4)

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Dalbane is a high-quality marble concrete object, carefully designed and handcrafted by us in our atelier. Therefore, each object is completely unique and differs slightly from the shown pictures. It is waterproof, frost proof and withstands the heat of candle lights. Thanks to a special coating, it is also stain proof. The purchase of one Dalbane set includes the planting of one tree.

Dalbane can be used as a coaster for your drinks, as a display for our other products like Aura, Apala or Vand or for any other object/plant (e.g. an airplant) you see fit. Dalbane is also available as a set of 6.

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Weight 0.352 kg
Dimensions 9.5 x 11 x 0.8 cm

One Size


This is a natural product. While 100% leakproof, shades might change when exposed to sun and water.
Handcrafted, waterproof, frost proof and candle proof.

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