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🖐 Handcrafted in Belgium
🌍 Socially responsible
🌳 Supporting reforestation with every product sold

Amava is a unique and reusable concrete scent diffuser (more info) which was handcrafted with great care in our atelier in Belgium. Therefore, each object and each (marble) pattern is completely unique and can differ from the shown pictures. In the beautiful luxury gift package, you will find the Amava concrete holder prefilled with a 50ml Urban Oasis fragrance and 10 reeds. Urban Oasis is a complex and gentle scent based on Lotus Blossom and Jade Orchid which invites you to take a moment for yourself. After about 5 weeks, you can easily refill your concrete holder with a new House Raccoon scent tube or repurpose the scent tube as a vase for flowers or anything you like (don’t put the flowers directly in the concrete holder). Amava includes the planting of one tree.

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This is a natural product. Shades might change when exposed to sun and water.

– One handcrafted concrete holder (15,8 x 6 x 6 cm)
– One glass tube
– 50 ml Urban Oasis fragrance
– 2 x 5 reeds
– One tree

Pops right into your original House Raccoon scent diffuser. Will last for about 5 weeks.

Reeds manual: whenever you continue using the same scent, adding new reeds is not strictly necessary but over time, evaporation will slow down or the reeds could possibly clog (as they are quite thin). Therefore, we advice to change the reeds (4-6) every 3 weeks for ideal scent evaporation. The more reeds you add, the stronger the scent. When you use another scent than the previous one, new reeds are required.

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