Privacy Policy

In this privacy policy, we explain clearly which data we store and what we do with it.

1. Your data

The following data is stored and/or used by House Raccoon

Attribute Use
First and Last Name We use your name in all communication towards you. Because it sounds nicer than user985632 don’t you think? It will become publicly available on the site when you post a review. You can find and change this info in your account.
E-mail We use your e-mail to keep you up to date about your orders. Other communication will only be send out to you if you have subscribed to our newsletter. You can find and change this info in your account.
Address Because not all delivery professionals have Sherlock Holmes skills, your address is useful to ship everything to the right address. We also share this information with Bpost, DPD, DHL, UPS, Sendcloud or MyParcel, depending on the shipping option you choose. You can find and change this info in your account.
Payment Info We share payment amounts with our payment providers and get transaction information back.
Password We store your password encrypted on our servers so that even we cannot know it. You can change your password in your account.
IP address We store your IP address so that we can implement location dependent functionality on the site.
Order Information We store your order information so that we can prepare the order and help you out in case of a problem. You can find all order info in your account.
Log Information In order to continually improve our services, we can store logs about your site use. We will use this to analyze our service and adapt site functionality to your needs.

 If you want your personal data to be deleted, please contact us.

2. Cookies

We use cookies (small files stored on the user’s computer to save information about the user for the site) for the functionality below.

Cookie Explanation
Cart Cookie When you are not logged in, we keep your shopping cart synced when you open the site on different tabs by means of a cookie.
Logged In Cookie We use  a cookie to keep you logged in.
Affiliate Cookie We use a cookie to reward our affiliates whenever you purchased something on our site after you clicked on a link of them.

3. Information sharing

User information will never be shared with any third party unless for the normal functioning of the site (e.g. towards payment providers, towards shipping companies when you order as described above). Users should nevertheless be aware that certain user information such as these included in reviews are publicly available on the site.

Whenever House Raccoon would go through any business change, House Raccoon user information will be included in the activa and could be transferred to another party.

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