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Cleaning Your Gypsum Composite Products.

Our products are made from gypsum composite. There are multiple variations of this material out there (as for example with concrete) but the type we use, has been tested for over 40 years in architectural/design/art work and movie set design. While it is very strong, has a soft feeling and is waterproof, it can get dirty of course. So how to clean your gypsum composite products? First, try to wash off the dirt with water and if needed a little bit of very mild soap. If that doesn’t work, very fine sandpaper (1000 + ) can be a solution. Finish off your sanded product with wetting the whole product and drying it again completely and evenly with a soft towel.

Removing Candle Wax From Our Products.

Our products all have a very soft and matte appearance which is very esthetically pleasing but it has the disadvantage that removing stains from uncoated products is not completely possible. However, there are 2 ways to remove most of the candle wax from our products. Method 1: You have to put your product with wax in the freezer until the wax is frozen. It should then pop off the product fairly easy. Method 2: This method involves heating the wax with a hair dryer until it becomes soft again. Absorb the wax with a dry cloth by pressing the cloth on the product while heating the product with a hair dryer. Now, clean the entire product with mild detergent and the soft side of a sponge. Finish by drying the product completely and evenly with a soft towel. In both cases, an imprint of the wax will still be (slightly) visible on the material of your product but the wax itself will be properly removed.

General Care Tips.

Don’t use our decorative products to store/display naked food. Only when it’s specifically specified that the product is suitable for naked food, it’s permitted. Our coasters are sealed but as no sealer is 100% effective, wipe off any spill immediately to be sure to avoid any stains. Most stains can be wiped away until 24h after spilling but stains derived from e.g. red wine/coffee are very corrosive and eat away sealers. You should compare gypsum composite products with concrete countertops. They are very beautiful and strong but they do require carefulness and are prone to stains.

Some Practical Planter Tips.

==> Planting with wet earth leads to a big mess. Therefore always plant a plant in our pots without water and with dry earth. Once you are done, you can water it as much as the plant needs.

==> As our pots don’t have drainage holes, we recommend putting small drainage stones inside the bottom of your planter before planting in order to prevent rotting of roots.

==> If you don’t use drainage stones, always ensure your soil is moist but not wet and avoid build up of standing water in the bottom of the planter to prevent rotting of roots.

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