One Product is One Tree.

Yup, that’s right! For every single handcrafted object* you buy from us, we plant one tree to help reforestation efforts all over the world. Isn’t that wonderful!? Click on the button to check all our previous/current tree projects!

* This includes all our objects except for the refills/reeds.

How we do it?

Luckily we don’t have to plant every tree ourselves. It wouldn’t go that well. We are interior experts, not tree experts. Therefore, we work together with the Belgian organization Bos+. It is an organisation spotting the best treeless places all over the world. Together with Bos+, we pick our House Raccoon reforestation locations. Previously, we already did a project in Ghana (with the organization OneTreePlanted) but currently, we are involved with Bos+ in Ethiopia.

Why we do it?

Because nature is awesome. And necessary. And beautiful. On top of that, trees produce oxygen. And we like to breath. So that’s a bonus. Also animals depend on it. Every second, a football field of trees is destroyed. If everyone does something small, we can change the tide!

What do I have to do?

Nothing! By buying our products, you already planted trees! If you are really interested in our projects, you can subscribe here to start receiving pictures/updates from the trees we planted with your help. We are very very grateful to everyone who really cares 🙂

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