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Urban Oasis.

Breath in the oriental Jade Orchid & Lotus Blossom, slow down time and experience your homecoming to nature. To find an urban oasis, convince town’s mayor of the healing effects of more green, then hire a Zen Buddhist Architect and build a Zen temple surrounded by bamboo and water right in the city center. Alternatively, if that didn’t work out, add some plants to your home.

Royal Marine.

Breath in the Rich Amber & Fresh Tangerine, live bold and explore the opportunities lying ahead. To find a sea, go into one direction until you find something large, wet and saline. It will probably be a sea. If it’s not saline, it’s called a lake. If it’s not large, it’s a salt lake. If it’s not wet, it’s called a salt flat. If it’s neither of the three, it could be anything really and you should search some longer.

Spring Blossom.

Breath in the flowery Damascan Rose & Ylang Ylang and find yourself at a new beginning every time again. To find spring blossom, go to Japan and wait until it’s spring. Really, they have the best springs around. Alternatively, you can wait until it’s spring and then go to Japan. It works as well but it just means less fun in the meantime.

Mountain View.

Breath in the fresh Himalayan Cedar & Jasmine and imagine yourself standing high on a peak, overlooking a mighty Mountain range. Feel the energy and challenge the impossible. To climb a mountain, simply look up a mountain. Drive to the mountain, get out and climb it. If the mountain is actually only a hill, it doesn’t count. If you drove to the top, you drove too far, it doesn’t count neither. Always use gloves or a paper towel when handling used mountains. They can be dirty.

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