• Experience gifts for kids

    Experience gifts for kids

    Don’t worry. You don’t have to have kids to read this article. Gifts like these can also be for your little brother, little sister, or your nephew of 5 years old. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who still plays with toy cars or Barbie Dolls. Experiences have some great advantages and are beneficial for …

  • Workshop or no workshop?

    Workshop or no workshop?

    Life is a learning experience, is it not? How fulfilling is it when you can learn something new every day? It may be that those skills are not even that useful in the first place, but you can always keep on practicing to become even better. The same goes for a workshop. Workshops are an …

  • Top reasons to start DIY-ing

    Top reasons to start DIY-ing

    Maybe it seems like a lot of work, or maybe you just don’t find the time to start some DIY projects. But rest assured, it’s pretty much top tier when it comes to keeping yourself busy. And wow, don’t even get me started on the feeling of satisfaction after finishing a project. Don’t worry, we …

  • Why choose an experience gift?

    Why choose an experience gift?

    Don’t you love reminiscing about that amazing festival a couple of years ago? Or that moment when you went to the cinema with your girlfriend? People love thinking back on past experiences. But why? Experiencing things together builds up your relationship Things we experience together also stay with us the longest. Doing stuff together means …

  • Why DIY? Best DIY kit gift ideas

    Why DIY? Best DIY kit gift ideas

    DIY is gaining popularity each and every year. Certainly, during these tough COVID times, it’s important to keep yourself busy. And DIY kits are the forerunners of that. With these amazing gift ideas, you can surprise your loved one with the perfect, homemade gift! Food Obviously, trying to make as many different types of food …

  • Home deco gifts for her - The Ultimate Guide

    Home deco gifts for her – The Ultimate Guide

    During these tough times we’re going through at the moment, a global pandemic urging us to stay home, lockdown galore, it’s easy to forget where we came from. Normally, when we’re bored at home, we could just take a walk or go shopping in a major city somewhere, exploring some new scenery. Now, it’s just …

  • The funniest home deco gag gifts for birthday parties

    The funniest home deco gag gifts for birthday parties

    It’s always difficult to find the perfect gift for your partner. Sometimes it’s easier just to ask what they want or need, but sometimes you want to rely on your own creativity. Maybe you have already been together for a while, and your gift ideas are running out. But why don’t you just go for …

  • How to compromise on home decor

    How to compromise on home decor

    We’ve all been there… Or at least some of us have. You’ve bought a new place with your partner, and you go to IKEA to get your home decor in check. But truth be told, going to IKEA with your partner is the ultimate relationship test. It has actually been scientifically proven that it is! …

  • Decorating tips when you're on a budget

    Decoration gifts when you’re on a budget

    Buying new furniture can be quite expensive. It can easily go up to hundreds of euros, or even thousands if you want to go really crazy. Maybe it’s that designer recliner chair you’ve always wanted, or maybe those luxurious lighting fixtures. We want to help you with that. How you can be the next big …

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