• Best lifestyle gift ideas for (almost) everyone

    Best lifestyle gift ideas for (almost) everyone

    Everyone likes to receive a gift sometimes, whatever it is. It’s a way of telling someone you love them or a way of showing appreciation. You can also buy gifts for yourself. The number of times I find myself browsing the internet, searching for cool items to update my room a bit, some houseplants, or …

  • Prepare for a Spa day, it's worth it!

    Prepare for a Spa day, it’s worth it!

    A relaxing Spa-like day at home, why would you ever wish for more? It’s a great way of taking a step back, which is very important, by the way. Not convinced yet? Be sure to check out our article on that here! Made the right choice but didn’t know how to prepare for an at-home …

  • Alone time? Me time? Just do it

    Alone time? Me time? Just do it

    Maybe you’re having fun at a friend’s house, laughing, playing a video game together, cooking. Getting your mind off things and keeping yourself busy can immediately make a difference in your mind and your physical health. But me-time can do the same thing!  Be sure to tell yourself: “It’s me-time now,” from time to time. …

  • What is a lifestyle brand and what are their products?

    What is a lifestyle brand and what are their products?

    A couple of decades ago, lifestyle products had an obvious definition. It was easy to identify what a lifestyle brand or a lifestyle product actually was. However, that quickly changed. Firstly, to know for sure what lifestyle products are, we have to check out what the word ‘lifestyle’ actually means. Let’s pull up good ol’ …

  • No material things? No problem - The Ultimate Guide

    No material things? No problem – The Ultimate Guide

    Giving a gift (and receiving one, of course) is one of the five love languages. Some people are good at it, but others can have difficulty picking the right gifts for someone. It isn’t always as easy as it seems, especially when you haven’t got a clue what the other person would like. But don’t …

  • Benefits of team building activities

    Benefits of teambuilding activities

    Maybe you’re the bossman, the head of the business. Or maybe you’re an employee, the heart of the business. Either way, a teambuilding activity can be very beneficial to your business in many more ways than you may think. When teambuilding activities take place, employees can build trust and that feeling of unity. Of being …

  • Go crazy with these extreme activities

    Go crazy with these extreme activities

    Ever been on vacation with your best friends? It’s the perfect time to do some crazy activities you don’t get to do with your parents. Or maybe you do, and that’s even better. Experiencing crazy, over-the-top activities with your friends, or in general, other people can essentially help create a stronger bond. Unfortunately, crazy activities …

  • Experience gifts for kids

    Experience gifts for kids

    Don’t worry. You don’t have to have kids to read this article. Gifts like these can also be for your little brother, little sister, or your nephew of 5 years old. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who still plays with toy cars or Barbie Dolls. Experiences have some great advantages and are beneficial for …

  • Workshop or no workshop?

    Workshop or no workshop?

    Life is a learning experience, is it not? How fulfilling is it when you can learn something new every day? It may be that those skills are not even that useful in the first place, but you can always keep on practicing to become even better. The same goes for a workshop. Workshops are an …

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