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Satisfied employees & partners make for a well-run business. With House Raccoon for Business, you’re choosing an honest, sustainable, and local employee or business gift straight from our artisan Antwerp workshop that will impress everyone. Send us an email or contact us for more information or let us give you some more info below!

Are you searching for team building? Head over to our workshops page and find out all about terrazzo workshops.

Why House Raccoon?

Buying directly from the atelier makes for great discounts!
You always get at least 20% but discounts go up to 50% for larger orders. Employees and partners get something extra valuable and feel appreciated. You stay nicely within budget. That’s smart πŸ˜‰

We can accommodate you from as little as €7pp. Equally we can hand-cast natural candles in exclusive snow-white shimmering marble concrete or terrazzo with your logo incorporated in gold leaf for a business gift that will blow your business contacts or employees away. Ask us and we will make it happen!

Per gift, we plant a tree for you in social projects (>170,000 so far). We package with recycled or recyclable materials and 98% of our raw materials come from Belgium or neighboring countries.

All our products are handmade in Belgium. Our workshop is located near the MAS on the isle in Antwerp (Montevideostraat 6C). Say bye to dull gift baskets and hello to handmade unique Belgian craftsmanship. Feel free to visit us anytime you want!

Having our own workshop means that basically anything is possible; a simple card added to the package, exclusive packaging, our gifts in your company colors or your logo engraved. We also have our own design team & 3D printers so a custom product is always possible. The sky is the limit.

What can we say? We know you don’t have all day and we just like smooth, honest and transparent communication. Mails are replied to within the day. For even faster feedback, you can always call us (also on weekends). Your gift will be arranged in no time and we always keep you well informed.

We ship thousands of parcels every year to Flanders and the rest of the world. So we have the most competitive rates & smoothest shipping terms (see pricing below). Whether your employees live in Flanders, Scandinavia, or New York.

We are one bunch of happy people pleasers and we are not satisfied until you are and that shows. More than 1250 customers gave us an average of 4.8 out of 5. Not bad, right? πŸ˜‰

Gift Solutions

Something for everyone

Whatever your gift-reason may be. We got you covered! Send us an email or contact us for more information or let us give you some more info below!

Put your entire company in the limelight. We ship in bulk to your office or to each employee individually. 100% deductible up to €40 per gift (€40 extra per dependent child).

Give your employees something extra for their birthdays. Provide us with a list of addresses and birthdays and we will deliver a gift to all your employees on the right date without you having to think about it. You will only receive one invoice yearly or quarterly for a minimum of admin. πŸ˜‰

Tired of pens with a logo? Give a gift that people really appreciate and is worth leaving. Your business partners are guaranteed to think back to you often!

Gift Examples

Let’s give some ideas!

You can choose between all the products on our site butyou can already find some examples below. Example prices are without shipping (free for a single location), VAT and with the largest 50% discount but they give an idea! Send us an email or contact us for an exact quote or check our pricing below for a quick estimation.

Give your employees (a set of) cardholders (Bobby, Helena,…) and they can immediately brighten up their (home office) space with some fun photos. Or choose our beautiful oval organizer trays to put some pens and post-its in.

Our super popular Fritz snowman (with or without a scarf), our designer Christmas trees or our Christmas Ornaments will bring the Christmas spirit inside in no time! Or say it with a set of beautiful tea light holders (Rose, Valo, Aura, Vand, Portia).

Who doesn’t like plants and flowers? Add to that a beautiful handmade plant or flower container and the message of appreciation will come across!
From pot size 6 to a juggernaut of pot size 17. In our standard colors, or in any color that fits your company’s look. We have what you want πŸ˜‰

Planters: Mare (Ø5,5-8,5), Palua (Ø5,5-8,5), Charlie (Ø7), Jane (Ø12), Hapi (Ø12, self watering!), Mila (Ø15), Joe (Ø17).
Flower holders: Helena, Lily, June

Give all your employees a kit to make a terrazzo object at home (kid- & foolproof). If you have a bit more budget, give them a voucher to follow one of our workshops all over Flanders.

Products: Terrazzo Coaster DIY Kit, Terrazzo Planter DIY Kit, Terrazzo Surprise pot, you’ll find even more info on our DIY kit page.
Workshops: find all info on our workshop page.

The perfect gift for truly anyone! Choose between hand-cast natural lavender indoor candles, outdoor candles in beautiful light-shimmering hand-sanded marble or granite concrete, (candle photo’s on our site soon) or delicious smelling refillable scented sticks.


Give our cheerful Ollie and Alfie designer birds or go really exclusive with our beautiful maple-stone combo designer trees. Also, our ambient lamp Walter is definitely not to be missed for a pleasant (home) office.

Don’t know what to choose? Give a gift card! Your employees choose their own gifts from more than 200 beautifully handcrafted Belgian design articles, workshops, and DIY kits.


Right within budget!

We like transparency because you don’t have all the time in the world as an HR professional or business manager. Below you will find our prices fully transparent (subject to specific products, personalization, and packaging requirements). In any case, email or contact us for an exact quote!

  • < €500: 20%
  • €500-1000: 25%
  • €1000-2500: 30%
  • €2500 en €5000: 35%
  • €5000-€10000: 40%
  • €10000-€20000: 45%
  • >€20000: 50%

(Not on gift cards.)

  • Free if it has to go to 1 location.
  • Separately to all your contacts: €7,90/package (Bpost: €4,4/package + packing materials: €1/package + handling cost €2,5/package)
  • Additional gift wrapping from €2,5 per gift.
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