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"We are not just planting trees.

We are changing lives and saving the climate."

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we will share a post together with everyone to raise €500.000 in only 2 weeks to plant 5 million trees.

We will do this by asking 500.000 people to donate one humble euro in that post.

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So that we can keep you up to date when Leonardo DiCaprio decides to join the movement and other exciting updates.


Be one of the first to donate by donating pre-campaign to give our campaign the social proof we need to successfully launch the campaign on June 27.

Share Our Post On June 27!

We will post a social media message all together on June 27. Put it in your calendar to create the viral campaign needed to plant 5.000.000 trees!

5.000.000 Trees to Save the Climate

Our planting partner is Trees for the Future (TREES). This is an international non-profit organization that meets a triple bottom line by planting trees for poverty alleviation, hunger eradication, and healing the environment. Through their Forest Garden Approach (see documentary below), Trees for the Future trains farmers to plant and manage Forest Gardens that sustainably feed families, raise incomes by 400 percent, and end deforestation. Bad farming methods are the number one reason for deforestation and climate change. Watch this 20 minute documentary to learn how 5.000.000 trees will make the dessert green again by regenerative agriculture with the Forest Garden Approach.
Since 1989, TREES has planted over 150 million trees.

For more information, visit https://trees.org.

Amazing Stories from Farmers

Recent Pre-Donations from Iconic People


charlotte dujardin

€50,00 June 18, 2019

Marieke Beke

€10,46 June 18, 2019

Janne Roels

€10,46 June 18, 2019

Hoi Anneleeen en Nathan!!!! Eshter en ik zijn super trots op jullie initiatief en groene drive! DOE ZO VOORT!!!!

Anonymous User


€10,46 June 18, 2019
Anonymous User


€10,46 June 18, 2019

Heleen Van Valckenborgh

€10,46 June 18, 2019

Great project!


Silke Roelands

€5,36 June 18, 2019

Dieter Daniels

€10,46 June 18, 2019

Ben Creemers

€10,00 June 18, 2019


€51,28 June 18, 2019
Anonymous User


€20,66 June 18, 2019

Ben Creemers

€1,00 June 18, 2019


Because we want to battle indifference and show what we can achieve when we work together on a goal. 

We have been planting one tree for every product we sell with House Raccoon right from the start. The first year we earned nothing with House Raccoon so that meant paying €5000 out of our own pocket towards planting trees. We are not rich so that hurt.  

Furthermore, on a product panel we did a few months ago, random customers were so indifferent about the trees we were planting that we had to do something.

So we started brainstorming about doing a project. A project that allows us to donate all together so that we will all together reach a goal we would otherwise never reach. And in a much quicker way. Therefore, we started the ‘Be Your Own Change Campaign‘ to plant trees.  Planting trees is one of the only short term measures that give us the time we need to develop better sustainable technology. It is a chance for each of us to be iconic. Instead of looking at governments, we can solve the climate change problem ourselves. There is simply no excuse in looking to others, you all have to be your own change.

What do we gain from it? In total honest, hopefully, some exposure and likeminded people with whom we, after this, can still keep planting a massive amount of trees.

Also in total honest, if we just wanted to make millions of dollars for ourselves, this would not be the right way. The right way would be to mass produce everything we make in low-cost countries and transport goods all over the world in the cheapest and dirtiest way possible. Instead of this, we chose to do what we love. We started a brand where everything is produced with social workers 5km from our home. We started a brand that plant trees with every product we sell. We started a brand that improves the world with every sell. Because that’s what we really want. We chose to be our own change.

The only thing we need for making this campaign a success is 500.000 people giving just a humble €1.

So, share our message with all your family, friends and followers so that we are able to reach enough people! Be sure to invite them to our facebook event. If you really want to get involved, just send us a message at info@houseraccoon.com with your phone number.

The trees planted with this campaign will be a part of the Forest Garden program of Trees for the Future. The €0,10 is enough to provide African farmers with the tools, knowledge and seeds to successfully plant their own trees in a 4 year program. Because they are not paid for doing this, the cost per tree stays incredibly low. The farmers however get the most out of it. They receive a full 4-year education project which learns them how to engage in regenerative agriculture with the help of the trees. This allows them to increase the fertility of their soil and increase their income 10-times so that hunger is drastically reduced and there is a great surge in education and woman empowerment. 

Trees will be planted in the Forest Garden program in Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, Guinea and Tanzania. Planting a tree in these countries has the most impact on climate, soil, income (and  thus education and woman empowerment).

​24h after the end of the campaign, we will publish official invoices (from Trees for The Future) and financial statements (from our bank)  for the full amount donated to the ‘Be Your Own Change Campaign‘. If you subscribe to our special tree e-mail list, you will also get updates from us the coming 4 years of the projects we were able to fund thanks to your donations.

Trees for the future has a unique transparent approach. They are one of the only tree-planting organisations in the world that put all their (independently audited!) financial statements online. So we can be 100% sure that your trees will be planted for real! Check also here their latest impact report.

Because your donation on this page will convince others to do the same. Trees for the Future focuses on the practical side of planting the trees and relies on campaigns like ours to get their funding. Although after this campaign, we absolutely recommend to keep on giving through their own donation page

  • 1 – There are 50000 trees per square kilometre of tropical rainforest.  This means that 5 million trees create 100 square kilometer of new forest. This are 20000 football fields of trees. This is enough to create a forest that’s is as large as Brussels, Ghent or Antwerp.

  • 2 – Central park contains 20000 trees and is 3,41 square kilometre large. New york city is 783,9 square kilometre. Planting 5 million trees is the same as expanding Central Park so that it covers the whole New York City area.

  • 3 – New trees take about 4 tons of C02 out of the atmosphere in the first 100 years (about 2 tons in the tree and 2 tons in the soil). 5 million trees will be able to absorb 20 million tons of C02 in the first 100 year. The average Belgian person has a carbon emission of 8,33 tons of C02 per year. So 5 million trees are enough to compensate emissions of 2,5 million people.

  • 4 – The carbon emission of a car is on average 2,8 tons of C02 per year. 5 million trees is the same as getting 7,14 million cars off the road for one year or 100.000 people that compensate for the carbon emission of their car use during their whole life.

  • 5 – The 5 million trees will be planted in Forest Gardens (these are permaculture or regenerative agriculture projects). Every Forest Garden contains about 4000 trees and delivers food and income for one family (in a broad sense, mostly multiple generations). There will be 1250 families which income will rise with 400% and who will not need to worry about food again. This are about 25000 people. Because large parts of the harvest are sold on the local market, more than 100000 people will have better food. In the program, farmers are encouraged to pass on their knowledge. In the long term, this means that hundreds of thousands to millions of people will no longer be hungry and have better income. This leads to higher education and emancipation and a drastic reduction of forced immigration to other countries.

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