• Flowers and plants as gifts for her - The Ultimate Guide

    Flowers and plants as gifts for her – The Ultimate Guide

    Picking the right flower (or plant) for your partner can be a lengthy process. And no, flowers are NOT basic! In other words, they are actually pretty versatile little gifts! During this article, we’ll travel to a brand new dimension to give you a tour of why what, and how plants and flowers can be …

  • Floral gift ideas for your mother

    Ideal floral gift ideas for your mother

    If you could, you would give your mother the world, right? But sadly, we’re not as rich as Jeff Bezos. Just give her anything other than dirty laundry, then you should be alright!  But let’s be real for a moment. Your mother is the most important person in your life (next to your dad, of …

  • Will you be my Valentine?

    Will you be my Valentine?

    A day where Cupid flies around, spreading joy and love among people. Where you need to have the perfect gift to surprise your loved one, the love of your life, the Bonnie to your Clyde, Valentine’s Day is a day of love. No need to rush to get that Grindr profile started. You can easily …

  • Choose the right flowers for your anniversary

    Choose the right flowers for your anniversary

    Celebrating that first year of being married to your loved one is a big achievement. You want to get her that sweet and sentimental gift. Flowers are perfect for every occasion, regardless of what occasion it may be. But did you know that there are specific flowers linked to those different anniversary years? We didn’t …

  • Health benefits of having plants at home

    Health benefits of having plants at home

    Extensive research has shown that not having plants or flowers at home can cause the not-having-a-cool-home disease. Okay, no, all jokes aside, flowers and plants do have an immediate impact on your health and wellbeing. But what benefits exactly? Stay healthy and keep reading! They help to improve mental health Researchers have found that people …

  • Fun gadgets for indoor gardeners

    Fun gadgets for indoor gardeners

    Is your loved one obsessed with plants? Or does he or she need a bit of help training their green thumb? There are so many fun gadgets out there to make gardening easier (or just more fun). Read along with us and discover a whole new world of gadgets for gardening! Window garden kit Don’t …

  • A beautiful flower bouquet

    A birthday bouquet? What do I do?

    A bouquet can be a perfect gift for every occasion, but many options make that choice even harder. What kind and what color should they be? For you to avoid a cacophony of colors or plainly perish in shame, we have compiled a list of the perfect flowers and plants for a birthday bouquet! What …

  • Why are plants the perfect housewarming gifts

    Why plants are the perfect housewarming gift

    One of your friends has just bought their new apartment. They are just now starting to get the interior done, buying a couch, a table, some chairs, a tv, simple stuff, really. But what they really need is some great decorative items. Plants are the perfect go-to when it comes to housewarming gifts. But why? …

  • Sanseveria – The Ultimate Guide

    Learn everything there is to know about the Sanseveria. Including funny facts, all Sanseveria types, care tips, fixing problems and which price to pay.

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