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  • A new atelier.

    Finally, we can say it to you all: we will rethink the House Raccoon atelier entirely in the coming months and leave our current social atelier. “What?!” I hear you thinking? Yes, we know. It seems very out of the blue, but a lot has happened behind the scenes the past months/weeks. Now that the busy holiday period is over, it seems like the right moment to share everything. We are quite nervous to tell you all because our social atelier is a big part of our brand (and lives even), but we really hope you understand our decision after reading our blog. It’s going to be wordy, but there’s a hell of a lot to tell! Ready, set, go!

  • House Raccoon Studio Shop

    Very soon, our very first House Raccoon studio shop will open its doors in a beautiful historic building in the heart of Mechelen. You will be able to have all our products made live in any color or terrazzo finish you like. Unique in the world!

  • Why trees?

    Greenwashing, recycling & real ecology. We often get the question. Why trees? Why do you plant one tree per product? Why not just lay solar panels on your roof, use ecologic/biologic ingredients and recycle all your stuff and be done with it? Just like all the other ‘eco’ companies are doing?

  • House Plants – 25 Indoor Plants for your Urban Jungle

    25 house plants you badly need to have. This is a list of the most popular house plants of the moment. A great start to make your home a little greener!

  • Sanseveria – The Ultimate Guide

    Learn everything there is to know about the Sanseveria. Including funny facts, all Sanseveria types, care tips, fixing problems and which price to pay.

  • Indoor Plant Pots – 5 tips for getting it right.

    We give you five tips for finding the right indoor plant pots and using them right! Learn everything about materials, water drainage, pot size and more.

  • Plant store – the 5 best plant stores in Belgium.

    Are you searching for the best plant store to buy your plants? We discuss five exceptional plant stores in Belgium you should certainly visit.

  • How to propagate a Monstera. It’s easy!

    How to propagate a Monstera. In this blog we give you everything you need to know to propagate your Monstera Deliciosa from cuttings and seed!

  • Monstera Deliciosa Fruit – Did you know you could eat your Monstera?

    Learn everything about Monstera Deliciosa Fruit. What does it look like, where can you buy delicious Monstera Deliciosa fruit, and when is it ripe?

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