Our Atelier

One of the things we are really proud about at House Raccoon is that fact that we make all our products by hand in Antwerp, Belgium. Without exception. Every product we create, starts from a simple idea or some hand drawn sketches. We then develop 3D models and molding tools. In the next step we pour the highest quality molds with carefully selected silicones. Then, we hand cast beautiful products from these molds. And finally, the most exciting part, we ship all our products to our wonderful customers all over the world. Because every step is developed and executed in-house, we know our products in and out. How wonderful is that?

All of this happens at our atelier. A wondrous place located just north of the historic city center of Belgium’s unofficial cultural capital Antwerp. It’s a bright space with amazing craftsman & woman where creativity flows from the floor to the ceiling and materializes into all our beautiful handmade products.

If you happen to be in Antwerp, you can come say hi through our window (Montevideostraat 6C) and see us working on all kinds of colorful products all day long & packing all your orders. Or you can join us for a creative workshop!

But there’s more to it. At House Raccoon we want to have an impact. As a local business we have a clear connection with the environment we work in both locally and globally. We have a clear vision of a better social and sustainable world to which we want to contribute our part.
– We donate b-stock products to social housing service cdienst.
– We created a social atelier at social work place Mivas for almost 2 years.
– We plant one tree for every product we sell in social tree planting projects just south of the Sahara desert to improve both climate conditions and the general living conditions of the families living there.

Did you know we worked together with social workplace Mivas for almost 2 years? However, due to our quick growth and complex production process, we had to start our own atelier but we are very grateful for that wonderful experience. Read here more about it!
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