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Our Story

House Raccoon is a Belgian based atelier making unique home décor & gifts. We are a passionate team of funny and hands on (or was it handsome :p ) designers, creators and crafts(wo)man who were disappointed of the current lack of connection between the design and the production of objects. That’s why we decided to do both.

We are proud about making beautifully elegant home décor to make your space stand out. We are proud about the fact that we make all our products by hand in Antwerp, without exception. And we are proud that we do it in the most transparent and honest way with respect for people and our planet.

Apart from that, we just love what we do and we think you will do too! And we have a cat, he’s really cute and his name is Oscar! And we really really really really really really like pizza. Pizza is the best!

Cheers, Anneleen, Nathan, Clémence, Katrijn & Oscar (meow)

Great Design

Everything starts with great design. We create minimal & timeless products that will make you smile!


Every object we make, passes our hands and eyes multiple times and makes us excited about the beautiful job we are able to do. Some real oldschool craftsmanship!


We plant one tree per product in social projects and use only fully recyclable packaging. Click here to get a full & transparent overview of our sustainability journey.

Our People

Anneleen Durnez - Co-Founder

Anneleen is the collective laser focus of House Raccoon. Besides doing all marketing, photography & graphic design, she makes sure priorities are set and things go smooth.

Also: – Anneleen thinks Christmas should just be made permanent. – She actually studied pharmacy and worked in medicine development so be aware of healing planters. – She forms a couple with Nathan for more than 10 years, they also both founded House Raccoon and both have a cat named Oscar. Such coincidence! – She hates ‘tools’. She never ever uses a mouse. If she could, she wouldn’t even use her laptop but rather meditate graphic design out of thin air. – Last but not least, Anneleen loves animals so so much. She would like to adopt a dog everyday.

Favorite Dog 🐶: Akita

Nathan Noëth
Nathan Noëth - Co-Founder

Nathan has an incredible passion for creating things. He’s 100% a maker and dreams about materials, machines and techniques all day long. When he’s not making stuff in the atelier, he can be found going through excels to make sure House Raccoon is doing great. After which he’s going to make some new stuff because it has definitely been too long.

Also: – Nathan doesn’t agree on making Christmas permanent, it’s just odd to celebrate Christmas during Easter. – Nathan actually studied for commercial engineer and worked as an IT consultant so be aware of virtual planters. – Nathan forms a couple with Anneleen for more than 10 years, they also both founded House Raccoon and both have a cat named Oscar. Such coincidence! – Nathan is so good at summarizing things that he could even summarize a dictionary. – Nathan loves frangipane, gold stuff and scented candles. He doesn’t like cars. Probably because they have nothing to do with frangipane, gold or scented candles.

Favorite Dog 🐶: Siberian Husky

Clémence van den Haute - Lead Designer

Clémence is our in-house designer is really awesome at that. She also is our store manager and she’s awesome at it. She’s also awesome at being awesome.

Also: – Clémence definitely agrees on making Christmas permanent. She starts listening to Christmas carols around August to keep up their Spotify stats. – Clémence is addicted to garlic bread from Pizza Hut. – Clémence has some curious eating habits: she loves salt, adores somewhat older bread and never completely dissolves her instant soup because she loves the concentrated sludge more than the soup it’s supposed to make. – Clémence hates spiders but loves Elephants. She will definitely scream whenever there’s a spider in our office. We don’t know her reaction yet when there’s an elephant in the office.

Favorite Dog 🐶: Corgi

Katrijn Roels - Studio Artist

Katrijn is the queen of our atelier. The Studio Artist making and packing most of our products. She’s incredible in what she does and has the same weird sense of humor as the rest of us which is great given that she probably has to handle more silly jokes than products.

Also: – Katrijn doesn’t have an opinion on making Christmas permanent or not. – Katrijn is very handy. Give her a bus and you’ll end up with a fully equipped campervan. Give her some old windows and she makes the perfect greenhouse. Give her some food and you and up with absolutely nothing. Katrijn likes to eat too. – Katrijn loves animals also very much. Just like Anneleen she’s constantly looking up dogs to adopt but her favorite animal should be a sea otter because it’s so cute when they hold hands. Unfortunately, Katrijn doesn’t have a private sea so she’s doesn’t very often look up sea otters to adopt.

Favorite Dog 🐶: White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Oscar - Chief Cutie

Oscar is doing absolutely nothing for House Raccoon apart from being cute. He’s absolutely our Instagram star but is a bit insecure about his cuteness with regards to celebrities like Pumpkin the Raccoon given Pumpkin actually being a raccoon and him also being very cute.

Also: – You can meet Oscar in our store where he, if he’s feeling extra cute, gives lots of free cuddles to our store visitors. – Oscar think’s it’s really weird that a human tastes his food (yes Anneleen, we know you do). – Oscar’s favorite activity apart from sleeping all day long is sleeping all day long. – Oscar is never impressed by a House Raccoon product and as such stimulates us every day to do better and become better designers. He’s such an inspiration.

Favorite Dog 🐶: Samson

Our Workshop Queens

You have probably never met people who love giving workshops more than these three wonderful persons. They are pretty incredible at learning anyone on how to make terrazzo products AND at the same time giving them an amazing experience. You have probably also never met people with a larger terrazzo coaster collection than these three! 😜

Debbie Noens
Severien Standaert
Tine Schepers
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